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Golden Grip Tweezer Collection

Golden Grip Tweezer Collection

PriceFrom C$28.00
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Our Golden Grip  collection consist of volume/placement fibre tip tweezers and solation tweezers. These tweezers are all hand tested and guaranteed to give you amazing grip to create the perfect fan.


Booth Tweezer( IVY) - great for pinching and on the strip fanning technique

90 degree angle tweezer (Seren) - Great for fanning using any technique, the go to tweezer for most lash artist. 

45 degree angle tweezer (Stella) - perfect for fanning or isolation, this tweezer is double the fun and makes fanning a breeze. 

Deep Curve (Estelle) - Great for fan making with a wider grip. 

Curve (Estrella)- Amaazing Tweezer for placing classic lashes and premade fans- Not Fibre Tip

Straight (Aster)- Isolation Tweezer perfect for inner and outer corners, if you have been struggling to get those this tweezer will help to make this easier with it's curved angle towards the tip - Not Fibre Tip 

45 Degree (Altair)- Isolation tweezer perfect for anyone looking to transition from straight isolation tweezers. 

Straight Isolation (Astra) - Traditional isolation tweezer great for beginners 


Pro Tip : always have an extra set of tweezers incase someting happens while youre working. 


Purchase our tweezer protection for a free pai of tweezer if you break yours within 6 months at no extra cost just shipping. 


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