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What They’re Saying

Star is the girl that can hook you up with the BESTTTTT LASH ADHESIVE GLUE.. Listennn ladies that are coming in this lash business you you need someone who is reliable and can get you everything you need to star off being a Lash Tech, STAR is the best person for you.

Meet Tee

At starstrucked beauty, beauty is the priority.
Our CEO Tee has been involved in the beauty industry since the early 2000s with both parents being cosmetologists. Her huge heart and love for helping people stared her into the health care field but her love for making herself and others feel beautiful & confident brought her back to the beauty industry. 
Our main goal at starstrucked beauty is to allow each client to feel like their best self while providing quality services, trainings and products. 

Each client service is customized to compliment their face and match their personality and lifestyle.


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Since 2019, Starstruckedbeauty has been evolving in the beauty industry, providing clients with a wide variety of beauty services and products. Starstrucked beauty is based in Belleville, Ontario Canada, providing the best high quality products, services and training in the industry. Feel free to reach out to us for more info on any of our products, services or trainings.

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